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Adele's Playlist
Compilation album by Various artists
Released April 28, 2008
Format Digital download

Adele's Playlist is a playlist made available for purchase through iTunes UK on April 28, 2008. The playlist is made up of tracks that Adele considers to be some of her favorite songs. On the official iTunes website, the description of the playlist included quotes from Adele discussing the majority of the tracks from the playlist (some were not discussed, though). The playlist includes music from Adele's biggest influences, Etta James and Beyoncé, as well as music from friends of Adele's, including Jack Peñate, Leona Lewis, and Paul Weller.

Track listing[]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Ex-Factor" Lauryn Hill 5:26
2. "Crazy in Love" Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z 3:56
3. "Mansard Roof" Vampire Weekend 2:07
4. "Operation" Jamie T 5:48
5. "1, 2, 3" Camille 2:35
6. "What's a Girl to Do?" Bat for Lashes 2:58
7. "Time to Pretend" MGMT 4:21
8. "The First Time Ever
I Saw Your Face"
Roberta Flack 4:20
9. "When We Die" Jack Peñate 2:23
10. "Fool That I Am" Etta James 2:56
11. "Knock 'Em Out" Lily Allen 2:54
12. "For All We Know" The Noisettes 3:09
13. "The Queen and the Soldier" Suzanne Vega 4:48
14. "That's Entertainment" Paul Weller 3:29
15. "Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis 4:22
16. "Cry Me a River" Justin Timberlake 4:48


1. "Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill: "I love the lyrics in this song, and I think her voice is incredible! The Miseducation album is my favourite album ever."
3. "Mansard Roof" by Vampire Weekend: "I'm so in love with Vampire Weekend, they're my favourite new band! Everything about them is perfect; the songs, videos and style! This is my favourite song of theirs! They remind me of the Strokes and Paul Simon."
4. "Operation" by Jamie T: "I think Jamie T's one of the best new British artists. The whole Panic Prevention album is genius, and every song on it is my favourite, but 'Operation' is one of the best."
5. "1, 2, 3" by Camille: "I only heard of Camille recently, but I think she's amazing, and this song is so cute! It's like a funfair song. I can't wait to see her live."
7. "Time to Pretend" by MGMT: "I've only heard this song from them, but I love it, and it's been on a permanent repeat on my iPod."
8. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack: "This song is so beautiful! It's so simple. I believe every word she's singing, and it's haunting."
9. "When We Die" by Jack Peñate: "This song is really sad but the flow of the song's really optimistic. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Jack's one of the best live acts I've seen."
10. "Fool That I Am" by Etta James: "She's my favourite singer ever. She's got the richest voice in the world! This is just one of my many, many favourites."
11. "Knock 'Em Out" by Lily Allen: "I love her voice in this, all the different characters in it. I love the beat too. And it makes me laugh!"
12. "For All We Know" by Noisettes: "This was a b-side for their single 'Don't Give Up', it's a cover! It's such a romantic song but sad as well, mixed with heavy distorted crunky guitar! It reminds me of something Jeff Buckley would have done. And the vocal on it is immense!"
13. "The Queen & the Soldier" by Suzanne Vega: "This was my favourite song when I was really little. I didn't realise how tragic it was at the time, I just thought it was quite playful and like something I'd read in a children's book! But I still adore it; I love how she paints pictures with her songs."
14. "That's Entertainment" by Paul Weller: "I'm a huge Paul Weller fan; I love how British he is. I've always known this song, and it reminds me of singing along to it at the top of my lungs on long journeys. The chorus is amazing."
15. "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis: "I voted for Leona so many times on X Factor, and I was so impatient waiting for her album, but it was well worth the wait. This tune is perfect. And her voice is stupendous in it."