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Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love
Book by Neil Simpson
Published October 13, 2012
Publisher Endeavour Press Ltd.

Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love is an unauthorized biography about Adele, written by Neil Simpson and originally published on October 13, 2012, by Endeavour Press Limited. The book was re-released in 2013 to include the birth of Angelo Konecki and Adele's performance and win at the Academy Awards. The book received mixed reviews, and was mainly criticized for including very general facts and for being too short as opposed to other biographies written about Adele. The book's title references Adele's cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love."


21 is the biggest selling record of the century so far, clocking up an incredible 24 million sales globally.

From a cramped flat in London to the Grammys in Los Angeles, Adele's golden voice, her catchy hits, and her irrepressible personality have taken the world by storm.

But who is the woman behind the songs?

What struggles and heartbreaks inspired the music that moved the world to tears—and brought it to its feet?

And now that she seems to have finally found happiness with her new partner, and with the baby boy she gave birth to in October 2012, can she still find the passion that made her the artist who conquered the entertainment industry?

In this brilliant, insightful biography Neil Simpson takes the reader inside Adele's world. He details her childhood, her early attempts to break into the music business, the tempestuous relationships that inspired some of her greatest songs and the months of painstaking work that went into the albums the defined her.

This is the real Adele—unvarnished and close-up.

And the book has been updated to include the birth of her baby boy—and to examine what kind of mother Adele will be, and what impact it will have on her incredible creativity.

Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love is the one book every Adele fan will want to read.

'I adore Adele’s voice and I adored this book. Neil Simpson’s account of Adele’s amazing career, from her childhood days to mega-stardom, captivated me right from the start.'
— Emma Lee-Potter, best-selling author of School Ties.

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