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An Evening with Adele
Adele 2008TourPoster
Tour by Adele
Associated album 19
Start date May 23, 2008
End date June 29, 2009
Shows 30 in Europe
48 in North America
78 Total
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An Evening with Adele is the first concert tour by the British singer-songwriter Adele, in support of her debut album, 19. The tour was unusual in that it included very few dates in the United Kingdom, Adele's home and the territory where 19 was most successful (the only UK dates on the tour were music festival appearances). Instead, the tour focused on North America with the tour beginning and ending in the United States. Adele and the tour gained some notoriety when she cancelled tour dates in 2008 in order to spend time with her boyfriend, an incident she later expressed regret over. The last performance on the tour took place at the historic Hollywood Bowl. Etta James was supposed to appear at the performance but cancelled at the last-minute due to illness and was replaced by Chaka Khan. An official tour book containing exclusive pictures and behind-the-scene information of the tour is available for purchase on Adele's official site.

Adele's 31 January show in Los Angeles was supposed to take place at the Avalon Ballroom but sold out quickly and had to upgraded to the Wiltern Theatre. Adele's performance at the iTunes Festival was released as an EP under the title iTunes Live from SoHo.

Opening acts[]


  1. "Cold Shoulder"
  2. "Melt My Heart to Stone"
  3. "Daydreamer"
  4. "Best for Last"
  5. "Right as Rain"
  6. "Many Shades of Black"
  7. "First Love"
  8. "Tired"
  9. "Make You Feel My Love"
  10. "Untitled" (Instrumental Interlude)
  11. "Fool That I Am"
  12. "Hometown Glory"

13. "Crazy for You"
 14. "That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On"
 15. "Chasing Pavements"


  • Adele wrote "I Found a Boy" (entitled "Stand By Me" at the time) and "Take It All," both songs from 21, during the tour and performed both of them live at least once throughout the tour. She also covered Brandi Carlile's "Hiding My Heart" during select dates; this song would later feature on some releases of 21 as well.
  • At various shows, she introduced her band with an instrumental interlude that was a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." During this, she sang part of the verse before dancing to the rest of the song.


  • Adele – vocals, guitar
  • Ben Thomas – guitar
  • Miles Robertson – keys
  • Selan Lerner – keys
  • Derrick Wright – drums
  • Tom Driessler – bass
  • The Wired Strings – strings
  • David "Zop" Yard – tour manager
  • David McDonald – front-of-house engineer
  • Joe Zavaglia – monitor engineer
  • Adam Carr – stage tech