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Andrew Scheps mixed four songs from Adele's sophomore album 21. He worked with Rick Rubin (producer), Sara Lyn Killion (assistant), Greg Fidelman (recorder), Phillip Broussard Jr. (assistant), and Lindsay Chase (production coordinator). All of the songs he worked on were recorded at Shangri La Studios in Malibu, California and mixed at Punkerpad West in Van Nuys, California.

Work with Adele[]

When asked about his work with Adele, Scheps stated:

I originally mixed seven tracks, but only four of them made it onto the record, I think they've used a couple more for B-sides or for when different territories get extra songs. On that project, I probably had to do the least amount of processing I’ve ever done—and this includes the band tracks, not just her vocals. There was one mix where I think I only had five EQs in, total, a little bit of spring reverb, and a compressor across the bus, and that was it. It was just the sound of the tracks—it was very well recorded. Greg Fidelman recorded it, and did a great job. And the band was great, and it was all live. I don't know how much of the live vocal they kept. But she's so good that huge portions of the vocals on the album could have been live.[1]

The four songs Scheps mixed on 21 were: