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Anita Adkins (also referred to as "Nita" by her family) is Adele's maternal aunt.

Anita is the daughter of John and Doreen Adkins. She has four siblings—KimGaryJohn Anthony, and Penny, Adele's mother. She has three children. Anita and Kim both provided Penny with assistance in raising Adele when necessary.[1]

Anita has run a charity shop for the North London Hospice since 1998.[2]

In 2012, after Adele won six Grammy Awards for her album 21, Anita took to Facebook to congratulate her niece on her success, writing:

Well done to Adele, wow, so proud of you, love, love, love you xxx Auntie Nita, Uncle Dave & all the gang xxxx [sic][2]

Anita has spoken about Adele's success on numerous occasions. She was interviewed about Adele winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Skyfall," stating: "We streamed it live online through the night. When Adele burst into tears, we all did the same. We’re all quite strong but we’re also very emotional. Adele’s one of us. We feel what she feels."[3] She later revealed that, "[Adele] hasn’t changed with her success, she is who she is. What you see is what you get, the package. Apart from a few expensive ballgowns, why would she change because she’s earning £41,000 a day? She’s quite thrifty with her money, she knows not to throw it around. She’s not a waster, she wasn’t brought up to waste."[4]