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Adele's first known anonymous ex-boyfriend was a boy Adele dated that inspired 19, her debut album. They broke up after he cheated on her. He is rumored to be bisexual[1], and the same inspiration of the song "Daydreamer," which was written about one of her bisexual best friends that she fell for and dumped him after witnessing him kiss another one of her male friends.[2] According to Adele, her friend and fellow performer Lily Allen knows this anonymous ex-boyfriend.[3]

The anonymous male also had demanded that Adele give him some of the money made from the record, claiming that he deserved partial credit for inspiring the record.[4] In an interview with MTV Canada, Adele stated that he was far worse than the man who inspired 21 because he was a "cheater."[5]


The anonymous ex-boyfriend inspired several of the songs off of 19: