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Adele and Bob

Bob is one of Adele’s two Goldendoodle puppies. He first appeared during Adele’s first Instagram Live on October 9, 2021, in which Adele introduced him as “Bobbity Bob.”[1] He has a brother (also owned by Adele) whose name is Freddie. Both dogs were mentioned in Adele’s December 2021 Rolling Stone profile[2] and during her interview with The Face.[3] A photograph of Adele with Freddie and Bob can be seen in the photo montage during Adele’s performance of “When We Were Young” on her television special, Adele One Night Only.[4]

Some fans have speculated that Bob may have been named after a musician — such as Bob Dylan or Bob Marley — similarly to Adele’s dachshund, Louie, who was named after jazz musician Louis Armstrong.[5]