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right|link=Broadway Sings Adele was a tribute to Adele performed by Broadway stars. It was a one-night-only event and took place April 30, 2012 at Le Poisson Rouge. Broadway Sings Adele featured acts such as Matt Doyle, Christina Sajous, Trista Moldovan, Morgan James, Corey Mach, Marty Thomas, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Alex Ellis, Libby Servais, Tim Ehrlich, Douglas Lyons, Jesse J.P. Johnson, Julia Mattison and more.[1] A full band accompanied the performance, and the music was directed by Joshua Stephen Kartes.[2] Corey Mach produced the performance.


Here is a list of known songs that were performed:

Theresa Kloos, Bobby List, and Onyie Nwachaku all served as backup singers during multiple performances.[8]