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Cameron O'Sullivan is the half-brother of British singer-songwriter Adele and the son of Mark Evans and Siobhan O'Sullivan.[1]

Similar to Adele, Cameron has an estranged relationship with his father, as he took on his mother's surname and currently lives with her in Llantwit Major, south Wales.[1][2][3] He is currently studying sports medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where he also plays rugby.[4]

Speaking about Cameron, Adele has said that she and Cameron both bear a striking resemblance to their father. The two met for the first time the day after Boxing Day in 2007, with Cameron eventually coming to her gig in January of 2008.[4][5] She thanked her brother in the album liner notes for her debut album 19, remarking, "I can't wait for our future."[6]

When asked about him, Adele said:

He looks like my twin. We're identical, same hair and everything. It's bizarre growing up in a completely different city but then, when you see each other, it's as if you've spent every day of your lives together. Straight away I'm bullying him. Straight away he's like, 'You fuck off.' It's amazing, immediate. He's lovely. Really shy, which is the only difference.[7]

In 2016, it was reported that Adele and Cameron had barely seen each other or spoken in two years. Cameron revealed that, "It’s hard because we never see each other. We’re not close at all and that’s the most difficult thing. I’m really close with her mum Penny, but that’s it. I keep in contact with Penny on the phone. But I hardly speak to Adele. There's nothing there. She's so busy we're not really close. I've not spoken to her for a while."[3] However, the two were reunited when he attended her show at Genting Arena during her 2016 world tour.[4]