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“Crazy for You”
Song by Adele
from the album 19
Released January 25, 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre Blue-eyed soul
Length 3:28
Label XL Recordings
Writer(s) Adele Adkins
Producer(s) Jim Abbiss
19 track listing
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"Cold Shoulder" "Melt My Heart to Stone"

"Crazy for You" appears as the fifth track on Adele's debut album, 19. It is preceded by "Cold Shoulder" and followed by "Melt My Heart to Stone." The song was written solely by Adele.

Background and composition[]

Adele told The Guardian's 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear, that she finds it more difficult to write songs when she is in love and that this song, "is probably the only really nice song" on 19. She added, "There's nothing bad in that song, it's just about adoring someone. I wrote it when I was meant to be putting together songs for my album, but I couldn't because I was acting like an idiot, falling to pieces. You're like a fool when you're in love, you do things you shouldn't."[1]

"Crazy for You" was written in the key of G Major.[2] Adele played the guitar on the album version of "Crazy for You."[3]



  • Adele – songwriting, vocals, guitar
  • Jim Abbiss – producer, mixer
  • Loz Brazil – mixer
  • Alex Mackenzie – mixing assistant
  • Wired Strings – strings
  • Rosie Danvers – string arrangement
  • Richard Wilkinson – recording


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Found myself today
Singing out loud your name
You said I'm crazy
If I am I'm crazy for you

Sometimes sitting in the dark
Wishing you were here
Turns me crazy
But it's you who makes me lose my head

And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool

Tell me to run and I'll race
If you want me to stop I'll freeze
And if you want me gone, I'll leave
Just hold me closer, baby
And make me crazy for you
Crazy for you

Lately with this state I'm in
I can't help myself but spin
I wish you'd come over
Send me spinning closer to you

My oh my, how my blood boils
It's sweet taste for you
Strips me down bare
And gets me into my favourite mood

I keep on trying, fighting these feelings away
But the more I do
The crazier I turn into

Pacing floors and opening doors
Hoping you'll walk through
And save me boy
Because I'm too crazy for you
Crazy for you