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“Fool That I Am”
Adele - Hometown Glory (Re-Release)
Song by Adele
A-side "Hometown Glory"
Released July 21, 2008
Genre Soul
Length 3:45
Label XL Recordings
Writer(s) Floyd Hunt

"Fool That I Am" is a song originally written by Floyd Hunt and made famous by Etta James after it was featured on her album, The Second Time Around. It was later covered by Adele and featured on her EP, iTunes Live from SoHo. A live cover of the song (recorded during a live performance at Cambridge) was released as the B-side to the re-released version of Adele's debut single, "Hometown Glory." "Hometown Glory" was included on Adele's debut album, 19, although "Fool That I Am" was not.

"Fool That I Am" replaced "Best for Last" as the B-side to "Hometown Glory" when it was re-released.

Adele never actually recorded a song in the studio and instead only sang it live, where it was recorded and used for the B-side of "Hometown Glory." Adele has described the song as something that changed her life. It was performed during her An Evening with Adele tour.


When asked about "Fool That I Am" and why it was the B-side to "Hometown Glory," Adele stated:

Etta James is my favourite singer. I`ve loved her ever since I was 15. Initially it was because I loved the way she looked—the big kinda white-woman weave and her beautiful, catty eyes! But then, once I actually listened to her, though she didn`t really even write any of her own songs, I found that her delivery was just so sincere that she really could convince me she was singing directly to me. Which is something I`ve never ever found in any other artist. So because—with me only having one album—I felt I needed to beef-up my live set by introducing covers, I decided to include 'Fool That I Am' in my show. You know, it was a song that just changed everything for me. It inspired me to want to write my own songs, to be honest and to try and touch people. Basically I think it`s a beautiful song, I love singing it... And so I thought it would be nice for my fans if I included it on this single.[1]

Adele told the audience at one of her shows that this was her favorite Etta James song.[2] She also included it in Adele's Playlist, which was released to the UK iTunes Store as a compilation of Adele's favorite songs.[3]



  • Adele – vocals
  • Tom Driessler – bass guitar
  • Donovan Hepburn – drums
  • Ben Thomas – guitar
  • The Wired Strings – strings
  • Steven Holness – piano
  • Floyd Hunt – songwriting


Fool that I am,
For falling in love with you.
And a, fool that I am,
For thinking you loved me, too.

You took my heart,
Then played the part of little coquette.
And, all my dreams just disappeared
Like the smoke from a cigarette.

Fool that I am,
For hoping you'd understand.
And thinking you
Would listen, too,
And, oh, the things I had planned.

But we couldn't see eye to eye
So, darling, darling, darling,
This is goodbye.
But I still care, but I still care,
And oh, fool that I am.
Oh, but I still care,
Fool that I am.