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“I Drink Wine”
I Drink Wine Video
Music video by Adele
Released October 26, 2022
Length 7:05
Director(s) Joe Talbot
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“I Drink Wine” is a music video for Adele’s song of the same name, taken from her fourth studio album, 30. The video was released on October 26, 2022 and was directed by Joe Talbot.

Prior to the release of 30, Adele had initially considered “I Drink Wine,” “Easy On Me” and a third song — presumed to be “Oh My God” — for the album’s lead single.[1] Consequently, the “I Drink Wine” video was the first promotional clip filmed for the album.[2] Adele confirmed the video had already been shot during an appearance on NikkieTutorials’ YouTube channel in December 2021, describing it as “fucking hilarious” and adding that, “It’s the campest thing you’ll ever see, and I just feel like everyone might be dressed up on Halloween for it next year.”[3]

The video was reportedly filmed when “I Drink Wine” was being considered as the album’s second single[4], before it was ultimately scrapped in favor of “Oh My God.”[5] However, in September 2022, an interview with Elle mentioned “at least one unreleased music video for 30 in the queue,” prompting speculation that the “I Drink Wine” video’s release was imminent.[6]

The following month, Adele Access tweeted a wine glass emoji, seemingly alluding to the video’s release.[7] Shortly thereafter, fans began receiving invitations to the video’s official premiere on October 25 in Los Angeles.[8] Later that day, Adele officially confirmed that the video would premiere that night and would be officially released to the public the following day.[2]