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Jonathan Dickins
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Birth name Jonathan Dickins
Birth place United Kingdom
Occupations A&R, management
Relationship to Adele Manager

Jonathan Dickins is Adele's manager and the founder of September Management. Dickins became Adele's official representative in June of 2006 when she signed to XL Recordings. His sister is Lucy Dickins, Adele's agent.


Dickins has several family members who have worked in the music business. His grandfather was Percy Dickins, the man responsible for co-founding British music magazine NME and inventing the pop charts in 1952.  Dickins has also stated that his father is a booking agent who looks after Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, Neil Young, and Jamiroquai.

Jonathan's uncle, Rob Dickins, was the chairman for Warner Brothers in the UK for fifteen years. Jonathan worked with him as an A&R executive at WEA Records UK and eventually worked for him at independent record label Instant Karma, which Rob owns.[1] While there, Jonathan developed his own sub-label, Showbiz. In 2003, he shifted to management, helping rapper M.I.A. in being signed by XL Recordings. In 2006, Dickins founded his own management company, September Management.[2]

Work with Adele[]

In 2006, XL reached out to Adele in hopes of signing her as a recording artist. XL representative Nick Huggett introduced Dickins to Adele, and the two immediately connected; he officially became her representative in June 2006.[2] She was signed to XL three months later. Dickins later proved to be influential in the development of Adele's debut album, 19. It was through Dickins that Adele met Eg White, who co-wrote the album's lead single, "Chasing Pavements." He also convinced Adele to cover "Make You Feel My Love" for the album; he had loved the song for years and, upon playing it, caused Adele to fall in love with it, too.

In 2012, Adele presented Dickins with the Manager of the Year award at the Music Week Awards. She said that he was the only manager that she had met after XL Recordings signed her, and she decided she wanted him to work with her before he even decided he wanted to work with her. She further added that one of his best qualities was that he made her laugh.[3] Speaking to Billboard, Dickins spoke fondly of Adele as an artist, stating:

I've never met anybody feel as comfortable in their creative skin. She knows how good she is in a very non-arrogant, honest, open way. She's so, so thankful and very, very open. Everyone she mentioned played a role. The thing that's very, very important is she never ever made this campaign about her. I don't really think "us and them" situations work in the music business. We're very much a team. All this kind of 'I hate the record company,' banging-the-desk old-school management style doesn't work in the modern era. I wanna go in to the record company and feel from all the people in the record company that it was nice they all felt part of it. When everyone feels part of the project, everybody just works a little bit harder for you.[4]

Dickins has remained a crucial part of the promotional campaigns for Adele's albums. He told Billboard in 2016 that he and Adele had collaborated on planning the promotion of 25. Speaking of the promotional teaser for "Hello" that aired during The X Factor prior to the song's release, he noted that wanted the focus of it to be "purely about [Adele's] voice." He added that "every decision [he and Adele] make is a collaborative decision."[5]

In 2016, Dickins was ranked at number 39 on Billboard's "Power 100" list.[6]