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Laura Dockrill
Laura Dockrill
Birth name Laura Dockrill
Born May 28, 1986
Birth place Brixton, London
Occupations Performance poet, author, illustrator, short story writer
Relationship to Adele Best friend

Laura Dockrill is an English performance poet, author, illustrator, and short story writer. She is also Adele's best friend. Dockrill attended the BRIT School of Performing Arts in Croydon, London, the same school Adele attended with Jessie J and Leona Lewis.

After having a falling out with Adele, she inspired the writing of Adele's song "My Same" on her debut album, 19. Laura appeared in the audience during Adele's Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert, specifically Adele talked about "My Same." Adele has said that Laura was one of the inspirations for "Remedy," as well.

Dockrill was born and grew up in Brixton, and attended the BRIT School of Performing Arts in Croydon, where she was friends with singers Kate Nash and Adele. She has performed at gigs and festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude, Camp Bestival, The Big Chill, udderBELLY, and the London Word Festival. She has also appeared on Newsnight Review and Woman's Hour. She is currently one of the writers-in-residence for the charity First Story.