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“Make You Feel My Love”
Music video by Adele
Released September 25, 2008
Length 4:07
Director(s) Mat Kirkby
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"Make You Feel My Love" is a music video for the song of the same name. The video for Adele's version was released on music channels and her website in late September 2008. In the video, Adele is in a city apartment. According to the clock, it is 4:02 a.m. The room is in darkness as she looks out at the city. She picks up her phone and starts singing while texting. She continues sitting in darkness looking out at the city and checking her phone regularly for a response. The song ends, and she hears the phone ring, indicating that she's received a text message. The video ends as she sits down to read the message.

The video's director, Mat Kirkby, foolishly included his actual phone number in the promo and the resulting phone calls have since driven him to distraction. He told The Sun: "The song featured on her first album, 19, but because everybody sang it on X Factor, people have started downloading it and watching the video on YouTube. I've had more than 5,000 calls. Some people sing the song down the phone, others shout abuse. It's making my life a misery."

The video uses a re-recorded version of "Make You Feel My Love" rather than the album version.