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“Rolling in the Deep”
Music video by Adele
Released December 3, 2010
Length 3:54
Director(s) Sam Brown
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"Rolling in the Deep" is a music video for Adele's chart-topping single "Rolling in the Deep." It was directed by Sam Brown.

The video premiered on Channel 4 on December 3, 2010. The video begins with an abandoned house, where Adele is sitting in a chair singing. During the video, the scenes shows hundreds of glasses filled with water that vibrate to the beat of a drum, a mysterious person (played by Jennifer White, who also choreographed the sequence) dancing in a room with white flour and dust, the drummer playing the drums behind the stairs, plates being thrown and breaking on the wall in front of the staircase, and a white model of a city which is set on fire by five bursting light bulbs at the end of the song.


When interviewed by MTV about the song, Brown stated:

The idea was really about finding different ways of expressing the anger in the words and then housing them in this one giant building. I was thinking about the house as her [Adele's] mind and the rooms as everything that was happening inside it.[1]

Brown acquired Jennifer White to choreograph the dance sequence in the video, in which she also appeared as the dancer.


On July 20, the video was nominated for 7 MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year, Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Best Direction, and won three for Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction. At the end of 2011, VH1 proclaimed it the best music video of the year.


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