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Rose Evans[1] is the paternal grandmother of Adele.

Rose and her late husband John, who passed away from bowel cancer in 1999, had two children—Mark and Richard. Mark would later become the father to Adele, her first granddaughter. However, he and Adele's mother, Penny, split when Adele was young. Despite the breakup, Rose and John helped to raise Adele and remained close with Penny, who received little financial support from their son.[2]

A devout Christian, Rose was a singer in the Tabernacle Baptist Church choir for many years. Adele later acknowledged that, "I'm not religious myself but I appreciate religion so deeply because when my grandpa died, I don't think my nana would've got through it without her faith, so the comfort that religion gives people I've got all day long for."[3]

Prior to the 2012 Brit Awards, Rose suffered a heart attack in a South Wales supermarket. Adele rushed to the hospital to visit her grandmother and reportedly held a bedside vigil for her, with a friend revealing that she wouldn't leave her side until doctors reassured her that her grandmother would be alright.[4]