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Rose Moon is Adele's co-manager and personal assistant.[1] She travels with her when she tours. She is also a member of Team Adele. Rose works through September Management, the management company founded by Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins. Rose talked to Vogue about Adele, saying:

She just comes across as very approachable, just a normal English girl, and so people say hello and want to talk to her everywhere she goes.[2]

 Rose also told Vogue that Adele is obsessed with movies, something few people know about her.[3]

When Jonathan Dickins won Manager of the Year at the Music Week Awards in 2012, Jonathan paid tribute to Rose saying:

Someone told me you should always employ people who are better than you, and I think I work with people are every bit as good if not better than I am. Rose Moon [co-]manages Adele and it's unbelievable what's happened this year. She's coped with it admirably, so this is for her.[4]

Rose won the New Boss Award at the Scottish Music Awards in 2013 in recognition of the incredible achievements in her career so far. Dickins presented Rose with her award on stage.[5]