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This article is about Adele's stepfather. You may be looking for Adele's boyfriend of the same name.

Simon is Adele's stepfather.

Following Adele's parents' separation, her mother Penny began a relationship with Simon, who worked as a computer programmer. In 1999, at the age of 11, she and her mother moved in with Simon, who lived in Brixton.[1][2] Eventually, Simon took on the role of Adele's stepfather and would become the closest thing Adele would have to a father figure in her life, following her estrangement from her birth father.

Simon was extremely supportive of Adele during her time at the BRIT School, even buying her a guitar and a piano to encourage her pursuit of a music career. He would attend parents' evenings with Penny. However, by September of 2002, he and Penny had separated.[2] Despite the separation, he and Adele continued to maintain their close relationship.[3]

In the booklet for Adele's debut album, 19, Adele thanked Simon for "always being there."[4]