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This article is about Adele’s ex-husband. You may be looking for Adele's stepfather of the same name.
Simon Konecki
Simon Konecki
Birth name Simon Christopher Konecki
Born April 17, 1974
Occupations CEO for Drop4Drop
Relationship to Adele Ex-husband, father of son

Simon Christopher Konecki (born April 17, 1974) is a British charity entrepreneur, known for his work as the CEO of Drop4Drop, a non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to developing countries, and for co-founding Life Water, an eco-friendly brand of bottled water in the UK.

Konecki is the ex-husband of British singer-songwriter Adele, and the father of her son, Angelo.

Relationship with Adele

2011–2014: Relationship beginnings and parenthood

In December 2011, Adele announced that she would start using Twitter if 10,000 of her followers followed Konecki’s charity, Drop4Drop.[1] The following month, Adele was seen vacationing with Konecki in Florida, visiting the Everglades National Park and boarding an alligator-spotting airboat.[2] Shortly thereafter, several tabloids falsely reported that Konecki had started his relationship with Adele before his divorce from fashion stylist Clary Fisher — with whom he shares a daughter — had been finalized.[3] However, Adele denied these reports in a blog post on her official website, stating it would be “the first and last time [she] will comment on the details of [her] relationship with Simon” and noting that Konecki had already been divorced for four years.[4]

Konecki accompanied Adele as her date to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012, her first public appearance in months following a vocal cord hemorrhage that prompted her to take a step back from the spotlight. Adele later credited Konecki with helping her to get through the recovery process after undergoing surgery to repair her damaged vocal cords.[5]

On June 29, 2012, Adele announced she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.[6] She gave birth to their son, Angelo, the following October.[7] Adele withdrew from the public eye until January, when she appeared at the Golden Globe Awards to accept the award for Best Original Song for “Skyfall.” During her acceptance speech, Adele thanked Konecki for encouraging her to record the song.[8]

2015–2018: 25 and marriage

Adele and Simon

Adele and Simon backstage at a private Lady Gaga show in 2013.

Adele returned to music in 2015 with her third studio album, 25, which was largely inspired by her relationship with Konecki. The song “Water Under the Bridge,” one of the few songs on the album that Adele explicitly confirmed was about Konecki, was released as the album’s fourth and final single, ultimately charting at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100.[9]

The couple celebrated their five-year anniversary on October 17, 2016. That evening, Konecki surprised Adele during her concert in Nashville by replacing some of the usual white confetti that would rain down during “Rolling in the Deep” with pink confetti donned with handwritten notes to her.[10]

When 25 was named Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 2017, Adele seemingly confirmed her marriage to Konecki in her acceptance speech by referring to him as her husband[11], a statement she reaffirmed during a show in Australia in March 2017.[12] However, Adele later revealed to British Vogue that the couple didn’t actually wed until 2018, noting that she just called Konecki her husband beforehand “because we had a kid together.”[13]

2019–2021: Divorce and 30

In April 2019, representatives for Adele confirmed that she and Konecki had separated after more than 7 years together.[14] Their divorce was finalized two years later.[15] “I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t happy,” Adele said of her decision to divorce Konecki. “Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt each other or anything like that.”[16] Adele and Konecki share custody of Angelo and still maintain a good relationship; according to Adele, Konecki was “the perfect person to have [her] child with,” and she would “trust him with [her] life.”[13] Konecki lives across the street from Adele in Los Angeles, in a house she bought for him.[16]

Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, largely centers on the divorce and its effect on her relationship with Angelo.