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“Strangers By Nature”
30 Cover
Song by Adele
from the album 30
Released November 19, 2021
Length 3:02
Label Columbia Records
Writer(s) Adele Adkins, Ludwig Göransson
Producer(s) Ludwig Göransson
30 track listing
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“Strangers By Nature” is a song by British singer-songwriter Adele, taken from her fourth studio album, 30. The song was written by Adele with Ludwig Göransson[1] and serves as the album’s opening track. Its title was confirmed on November 1, 2021, when the album’s track listing was revealed online.[2]

Background and composition[]

Adele wrote “Strangers By Nature” with Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, largely known for his work on film and television soundtracks. As the album opener, “Strangers By Nature” has been compared favorably to album closer “Love Is a Game,” with many music critics noting similarities between the songs and the work of Judy Garland.[3][4] The 2019 biopic Judy, based on Garland’s life and career, served as an inspiration for the track, as did the 1992 film Death Becomes Her.[5]

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adele revealed that, sonically, “Strangers By Nature” differed so much from her previous work that she almost considered giving it to another artist to sing or sample. “You know in the old movies when someone’s having a flashback or a memory to something else, and it’s almost like they’ll shoot a river or a pond and the water goes all ripply?” she said. “It reminds me of that.”[5]


I’ll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart
For all of my lovers, in the present and in the dark
Every anniversary I’ll pay respects and say I’m sorry
For they never stood, chances if they could
But no one knows what it’s like to be us

I’ve never seen the sky this color before
It’s like I’m noticing everything a little bit more
Now that all the dust has settled
I rebut all my rebuttals
No one knows what it’s like to bе us

Strangers by nature
Strangers by nature

Will I ever get there?
Oh, I hope that someday I’ll learn
To nurture what I’ve done

Uh, huh, hm
Uh, huh, hm, hm, hm
Uh, huh, hm, hm, hm
Hm, hm, hm, hm
Alright then, I’m ready