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Hi Jonathan.

Not sure if you'll get this with me being not in 'the business' however, my name is Alan Moore and I'm based in Verwood just outside Bournemouth. My business is building a transactional platform with a working name 'The Midas Project' - unfortunately "Fandon" technology doesn't seem to have caught up with the new TLD domains which my normal domain email address: " " doesn't seem to recognise, hence I'm using an encrypted webmail service: "hushmail".( for any replies my usual business email address is -' ' The reason I'm contacting you, (apart from being a huge Adele fan!) is because I'm aware of Adeles's views about the current music streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal etc where artists earn a fraction of what they should and could through their music output. We are currently working with a well known University in Southern England, to build a private, encrypted communication and transaction platform, whereby artists of every persuasion, genre & category, so, including authors,musicians, game designers and producers,anyone who produces digital content, can make their work available to consumers at whatever price they deem appropriate & the MIDAS platform will take a very small charge, (typically we're hoping about 1 to 2 % which includes all transaction costs). How it works is that when you open an account with Midas, there are 2 aspects to your account, "Download", whereby the account holder can purchase other (digital) items for download from any artists on the platform, and, "Upload" which is where artists, ( or anybody else working in digital media) can put their work up for sale. In future we aim to allow account holders to buy or sell 'physical' objects of every kind. The beauty of our system for digital artists is that you will be able to set & change the price of your output very easily and quickly and one of our key aims is to make it super simple for anybody with the correct permissions to alter every aspect of their product including price as well as be able to experiment with pricing, look and feel of your pages. Some aspects & tools will be added once we have enough feedback and information from users to optimise each aspect of usability. We suspect that a consensus will appear at some stage regarding what artists should charge for their work in order to diminish any large disparity in pricing. It may be that an initial charge of say 2pence (£0.02,0000) might turnout to be the correct price for a newly released track, but that as sales strat diminishing you may wish to discount the track to 1 penny (£0.01,0000) or you may wish to offer the promotional track for free! MIDAS may then charge a nominal fee to help towards costs which may be e.g. one hundredth of a penny (£0.00,0100) Each and every piece of work that you put up for sale has it's own pricing field which your Admin may change as often as you like. The only other costs to you for using MIDAS will be charges if the amount of data on your 'homepage' is such that we may need to charge a data retention fee which will be discussed individually when first moving onto the platform. Another aspect of MIDAS is that members will, for the first time, have the ability to charge sub-penny prices for each stream because users accounts are represented to several decimal places,e.g. If you wanted to charge 1/10th of a penny for a promotional product, outside of financial services, sub-penny transactions are very difficult to achieve as our current infrastructure only allows sales to the nearest penny and retail banking is exactly the same. No banks that we're aware of are happy to credit accounts on a tenth or hundedth of a penny basis! There are several platforms that we will be competing with which we hope & expect to be able to improve upon to make more user friendly and lucrative for their customers/suppliers for example YouTube. YT's business model is based almost exclusively on being Ad-Supported which many people don't like but, they also don't want to shellout their hard earned cash whilst the operator makes much more than the artists. Our offer would be for youtubers to upload their videos to MIDAS AND set their own price! There will need to be many discussions with artists and others about what happens when somebody who has no legal 'interest' in the works they've uploaded could still get paid a proportion of the download fees whilst the original artists(or copywright holder) get paid the rest. We have another, currently super confidential, advertising engine which we can't go into details in an open forum, but let's just say it's a great potential route to recruiting and retaining customers. One other aspect of the MIDAS System is that once a customer has linked a payment method to their account, they will never again have to enter any financial details, like credit card details, bank account etc to transact with any suppliers, AND, a MIDAS account could act as a very safe store of value. Once you credit your account from a card, bank account etc those funds still belong to you and they will not be used for speculative investments by MIDAS unless you wish to invest in projects emanating from the platform. MIDAS is an extremely ethical organisation and will use much of any profits towards good works gestures in local areas. We are a progressive organisation whose sole purpose is to create a better society for the MAJORITY of any given population. Consequently we will not allow,pharmaceutical or bioligcal products (unless proven to be beneficial) fossil fuels, firearms, military gear, and anthing we judge in our sole discretion to be bad for the world and it's populations of people and wildlife. We will actively seek to promote progressive causes and in particular environmental and social justice causes. I hope very much that you & your clients will be interested in checking us out to see if we can be of service in helping you, Adele and your many other clients to distribute their music in a more ethical and fair way. Best regards Alan Moore for Midas Systems

Please in the first instance contact me: Alan Moore,9 The Herons,Verwood Dorset BH31 7QB - 0753 8687442 or 08448121961     alan or 07:41, February 20, 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi, Alan. Unfortunately, we are not associated with Adele or her team. We are independent of them and are made up almost exclusively of fans. We have no affiliation with Adele or Jonathan and therefore, have no way to contact him. Sorry about that! (Also, I added a "show/hide" button to your message because it was very long.) Thanks. Adele Addict (talk) 23:25, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Adeles Perth Concert[]

A very special couple Richard & Kara Nell, will be attending Adeles concert tonight in Perth, they have just lost their beautiful son to leaukemia after a two year battle. Adeles song Remedy was a very special song to them during Kais battle. and is on the Teamkai facebook page, Be lovely if they could get a mention!

Thankyou Andrea Ellard Teamkai —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

  • Hi, Andrea. Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with Adele or her team and cannot help with this request. Although the concert already happened, we are terribly sorry to hear about Kai's passing. His parents and family are in our thoughts and prayers. Adele Addict (talk) 23:25, March 1, 2017 (UTC)