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Tim Van Der Kuil
Birth name Timothy Van Der Kuil
Born 1969
Birth place Perth, Australia
Occupation(s) Musician, guitarist, musical director
Instruments Guitar, banjo

Tim Van Der Kuil is Adele’s guitarist and musical director. He started playing guitar for her during her Adele Live tour and has continued to do so on the Adele Live 2016 tour.

He had formerly worked with Adele’s other guitarist and bassist Sam Dixon in a band with Sia, and was reunited with him when he began working with Adele. Van Der Kuil also previously worked with Daniel Merriweather, who performed “Water and a Flame” with Adele.

After meeting Adele through touring with Merriweather, she offered to make him a cup of tea, and soon after demanded her management track down the “Aussie from Merriweather's band.” Tim joined Adele's touring lineup in November 2010, prior to the release of her sophomore album, 21.

Speaking of the recurring vocal problems Adele experienced on tour in 2011, Van Der Kuil said, “She’d get really upset. The first time it happened, we were in America—I think we were in Minneapolis—and she went to do a sound check and started singing and the notes just weren’t there at all. It was very tough on her.”[1]

Prior to his work with Adele, Van Der Kuil toured with Daniel Merriweather, Sia, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Mark Ronson, Robbie Williams, The Script, Mika, and Tina Turner, among others. He is currently a father of two.[2] As of 2015, he has taught guitar in his free time for over 20 years.[3]


Exclusive Adele Wiki Interview

In 2011, the Adele Wiki had the honor of interviewing Tim Van Der Kuil, as seen below:

How did you discover the Adele Wiki?
“I Googled my name one day and it's the first thing that comes up!”

What is your favorite Adele song?
“To play, ‘I’ll Be Waiting.’ To listen to, ‘One and Only.’”

You've worked with quite a few musicians in your career, including Adele, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, The Script, Tina Turner, and Daniel Merriweather. Do you have a favorite musician you've worked with so far?

If you could work with one musician (who you haven't worked with yet), who would it be and why?
Eric Clapton because he's awesome.”

Do you know if Adele has any upcoming plans to go on tour again after the rest of her Adele Live tour was cancelled?
“I’m not sure at the point.”

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

How long have you played guitar?
30 years.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring musicians who want to be as successful as people like Adele?
“Work out what it is that you do that is unique and go with it.”

What is it like touring with Adele?
“Pretty amazing. Very low key. No private jets or Kristal.”

As a kid, who were some of your biggest musical influences?
Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin.”

Is it true you attended the BRIT School with Adele?
“No that was Ben, the other guitarist.”

What is it like touring with someone like Adele, and how close are you to her and the other members of her band?
“It’s a really nice touring family. The band all get on well, and Adele always pokes her head into the dressing room for a chat before show time.”

Does Adele's band have any particular name they go by, or is it just Adele's band, pretty much?
“Adele’s band.”

What do you do when you're not playing guitar in front of thousands of people?
“Hang out with my family, write and produce, studio stuff, etc.”

What is the best part about being able to work with as big of an artist as Adele?
“Getting to perform great music with an amazing artist night after night. I’m very fortunate to have that opportunity.”