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    Hello, it's me...

    I'm super excited to announce that, in addition to our already active Twitter account, we have finally joined two other huge social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram!

    Be sure to check out our new accounts in the links below:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram

    We are currently in the process of trying to get @AdeleWikia as our Facebook user name; however, we currently have some technical issues that are preventing that, so we are working with Facebook to acquire that user name. In the meantime, you can still reach our Facebook page at the above link. Our other social media accounts are already linked to @AdeleWikia!

    In order to stay updated on all things happening with the site, as well as the latest Adele news, make sure to follow us!

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  • Adele Addict

    The past few days have been incredibly exciting for Daydreamers!

    Today, Billboard confirmed via Twitter that "Water Under the Bridge" will be released as the fourth single from 25 on November 14! It was speculated to be the fourth single for months, but being that Adele hasn't mentioned anything at her shows about it, we became a bit skeptical. However, we finally have confirmation that we will be getting a fourth single from the album! "Water Under the Bridge" will most likely serve as the final single from 25

    In other news, Adele's cover story for the December issue of Vanity Fair has been published online, with several gorgeous pictures of her! In her interview, she talks about coping with postpartum depression, her ongoing world tour, and…

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  • Adele Addict

    Happy 5th Anniversary!

    September 2, 2016 by Adele Addict

    Hello, Daydreamers! Today is an exciting day for us here at the Adele Wiki!

    Today marks the Wiki's fifth anniversary

    On behalf of all of the administrators, thank you so much for all of the support and help in making this Wiki what it is. These past five years have been absolutely incredible. For me, they've changed my life and have strengthened my love for Adele. It has truly been a privilege to be a part of such an incredible Wiki. Thank you to everyone who contributes in any way—whether it be commenting on articles and blog posts, editing articles, or simply reading and checking out the site. You guys have made us what we are and I'm so grateful for that!

    Thank you all so much! I look forward to another wonderful year here, and many wonde…

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  • Adele Addict

    Hello, all!

    If you're looking at the user name and are slightly alarmed, don't be. The Wiki is not undergoing administrative changes! This is simply my first post as Adele Addict, as I was formerly Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyitan. I'm super excited because this is a change that I've been meaning to make for a while, but I've always been wary of following through with it. However, after 6 years, I finally decided to change my user name to one that better fits me, so... For those of you who are looking for me, it's still me! I just go by a different user name now. =)

    In other news, I would also like to give you guys an update on some other stuff. I will be taking over as a moderator on the forums over at Day One Adele Fans, one of our affiliate sites!…

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  • Adele Addict

    Hello, all! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, for those of you who live in the US and celebrated Independence Day yesterday. 

    If you've been craving more Adele, say no more. She kicks off the North American leg of her tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota tonight! Start checking Periscope for streaming links; she should be going on stage very soon! In the meantime, based on fan videos from her soundcheck tonight, we're told that she will be switching up the setlist a little bit from the European leg of her tour. She rehearsed "I'll Be Waiting" tonight, a song that she has not performed since the Adele Live tour back in 2011, with the exception of her Glastonbury appearance last month (which, might I add, was AMAZING). 

    And in light of he…

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