Yeah, I know what everyone's thinking, this new Adele song everyone's been waiting for is finally out. Well, no, it's not, but I'm not really sure what this is... This dude named Anttwon Lewis has this new single out called "Beautiful", and it's supposedly featuring Adele. I have never even heard of this guy, EVER, or that she performed any song called "Beautiful". I've listened to the entire song and there is not a single part of it that could be classified as Adele's voice... I posted the video below, but it only plays about half of the song... Anyways, could someone please do some more investigating for me? The song is also featured on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc. I am curious to know what it is and who the hell this guy is ... Besides, I don't think he should be crediting her as a featured artist in the song if she isn't featured in the song at all.... The video containing half of the audio is featured below:

Anttwon Lewis feat

Anttwon Lewis feat. Adele - Beautiful