Hey guys! :) The other night I was at a basketball game with some old friends of mine, and I was driving home, and I turned on a rock radio station and you will never believe what was being played on it. (Although you might if you read the blog title) Of all things, Adele's song "Rumour Has It" from her massively popular album 21, was being played. And on a rock radio station, too! It was the strangest thing, not only because it was being played on a rock station, but because it was also being played on the radio. Period. Even stranger, "Set Fire to the Rain" was supposedly released to the United States December 13th, and I had yet to hear it. Now, according to various sources (although I had posted something mentioning this earlier on this year), I have discovered that "Rumour Has It" will become the fourth single from 21 in the United States, replacing "Turning Tables" (the rumored fifth and possibly final single from the album). Then today I heard "Set Fire to the Rain" on the radio, and I freaked out because I have been waiting for someone to play it. In addition to that, according to Wikipedia, "Rumour Has It" charted on the Billboard Rock Chart(s), which I also found interesting. Now, I want your honest opinion -- would you consider "Rumour Has It" a rock song? And also, what do you honestly think about it being chosen as the next single?