Yeah, this is absolutely sickening.... Even though the birth of Adele and Simon Konecki's son was never confirmed, Twitter trolls have already begun threatening the child and Adele and posting horrible jokes about them. One mean person said: "I never even knew Adele was pregnant, just thought she was fat. Hahahahaha." The meanest that I have found, though, is one from @PerfFemale, identified by The Independent as Vanessa Bieber, who Tweeted whether the child was "fat and handicapped?" Adding, "Just murder it already lol." According to one fan who came to Adele's defense, though, "Just goes to show how much of a coward internet trolls are @PerfFemale and @Minoru_Thatha deleted their twitter accounts when they got hate!"

Now, considering that I get made fun of every day at school for being an Adele fan (because apparently she's too fat for the likings of many of my peers, even though she isn't really that fat...), this was very upsetting to hear. People sit there and judge her about her weight when... 1) She's not that overweight. 2) She's more talented than most of them will ever be. 3) She's a nicer person than than they will ever be. 4) They have no business talking about flaws of any sort.... I thought this was very upsetting - even worse, people said they wanted Adele and the baby to die? That is horrible.... Why would anyone want a baby to die? That is absolutely horrible and inhumane.... That just shows you all how f**ked up this world really is. Adele is a beautiful person on the inside and the outside, and between listening to that ***hole Karl Lagerfeld say Adele is "a little too fat", listening to all the dumb***es at school, and listening to the jerks on the Internet, it really puts into perspective for me how f**ked up this world is. I want people to realize that Adele is immensely talented and an incredibly sweet person, and she doesn't deserve to have that said to her.

I wish nothing but the best for Adele, Simon, and her baby boy during this very special time for their family, and I will pray to God that people realize that it is wrong to point out her flaws when they have so many themselves. The sad thing is that most of them won't realize that she is a much better person than they will ever be for treating anyone like that..... Love you, Adele. =)