As I have stated in my previous blog post, there will be Adele Wiki awards - please note that you may not begin voting until August 31st, 2012, the one-year-anniversary of the Adele Wiki - and I did promise to be giving you guys the voting categories for them... Some are posted below. For more info on the one-year-anniversary of the Adele WIki and the events surrounding it, please go here.

Best Album

Best Song, 21

Best Single, 21

Best Non-Single, 21

Best Bonus Track, 21

Best Music Video, 21

Best Live Performance, 21

Best Single

Best Collaboration

Best Official Remix

  • "Set Fire to the Rain Remix" (feat. Gilbere Forte)
  • "Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)"
  • "Reminded" (Tyga song - samples "Someone Like You")
  • "I Won't Go" (feat. Shwayze - samples "He Won't Go")