Adele has confirmed previous reports stating that she would be in attendance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards tonight when she rocked the red carpet wearing a beautiful dress.... Here's the catch: It wasn't black! Adele, who has made jokes about her habit of wearing black so often, showed up in a stunning red and black floral dress, designed by Valentino.

More and more reports are beginning to claim she will indeed be performing tonight and hopefully accepting the award for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Set Fire to the Rain" (the live version from Live at the Royal Albert Hall). She is up against Kelly Clarkson - it has previously been established that the other three nominees (Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Carly Rae Jepsen) have no chance, and so people have ruled out the possibility of them even winning the award..... Anyways...

Previous hints that Adele would perform live tonight include Tweets from several celebrities, a Grammy promo ad listing her as a possible performer, and several sites claiming that she would perform, although none of them had any sites. An image featuring Adele's reserved seat at the Awards was also posted.

Regardless of whether she wins or not tonight, or performs, it seems as though this could already be a big night for Adele. Check out her beautiful dress below.