Hello everyone! Welcome back to Christmas With Adele. :) For Week 2, we have a very special surprise... We have an Adele trivia game that I have specially designed! After being inspired by a creation of Wookieepedia, a trivia game they composed, I decided to do one for you guys that tests how much you know about Adele. :) For the answers, highlight the area to the right of the word "Answer". :) Have fun! Feel free to post your scores below or feedback, and stay tuned for more Christmas With Adele surprises next week. =)

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Let the games begin...

  1. Q: Adele's debut single was this song.
    A: Hometown Glory
  2. Q: "Hometown Glory" was first released in 2008. True or False?
    A: False. "Hometown Glory" was first released in 2007 as a vinyl record release only. It was re-released in 2008, though.
  3. Q: Where and when was Adele's first public singing performance?
    A: Her first public singing performance was in a school presentation where she sang "Rise" by Gabrielle.
  4. Q: Was "Turning Tables" released as an official single in the US?
    A: No. It was released unofficially in the US with "I'll Be Waiting", though. It did receive an official release in the UK and Italy, though.
  5. Q: What is the pet name given to Adele fans?
    A: Daydreamers.
  6. Q: Who did Adele paint as a Jesus figure in her life?
    A: Her grandfather, John Evans.
  7. Q: How many song covers were included on Live at the Royal Albert Hall?
    A: There were four: "If It Hadn't Been for Love", "I Can't Make You Love Me", "Make You Feel My Love", and "Lovesong".
  8. Q: What is Adele's favorite color?
    A: Green.
  9. Q: What is Adele's favorite color to wear?
    A: Black.
  10. Q: What is the name of Adele's best friend?
    A: Laura Dockrill.
  11. Q: What does the beat in the song "Rolling in the Deep" represent?
    A: Adele's heartbeat.
  12. Q: What was the only single from 21 to not receive an official music video?
    A: "Rumour Has It" did not receive an official music video.
  13. Q: Who was the main inspiration of Adele's cover of "Lovesong" on the album 21?
    A: Her mother, Penny Adkins.
  14. Q: What was the first song written for 21?
    A: The song "Take It All".
  15. Q: What song from 21 was influenced by country and bluegrass music?
    A: "Don't You Remember".
  16. Q: Who suggested Adele perform "Make You Feel My Love" for the record 19?
    A: Her manager, Jonathan Dickins.
  17. Q: Adele has hinted at plans to get another dog. What does she want to name it?
    A: She wants to name it Ella after the singer Ella Fitzgerald.
  18. Q: What word in the song "Rolling in the Deep" caused a lyrical controversy?
    A: The word "shit", which was originally assumed to be the word "ship" as a sailing reference.
  19. Q: Who controversially stated that Adele's voice was "divine" but that she was "a little too fat"?
    A: Karl Lagerfeld.
  20. Q: Why did Adele sail to America when touring there?
    A: She is deathly afraid of flying.
  21. Q: What did Adele say about being compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse?
    A: "We're a gender, not a genre."
  22. Q: How is "Rumour Has It" different from the first three international singles from 21?
    A: It failed to reach the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and did not peak at #1, as well as not receiving an official music video.
  23. Q: Why were 19 and 21 named after numbers?
    A: They represented Adele's age at the time of the events revolving the album.
  24. Q: What religion is Adele?
    A: She has never publicly stated her religion, but is assumed to be Christian, because she celebrates Christmas, the roots of her last name indicate a Christian root, and she has mentioned God several times, as well as being seen wearing a cross during live performances, supposedly.
  25. Q: What is Adele's favorite song of all-time?
    A: "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS.
  26. Q: Which member of Adele's band was a friend of hers prior to her attaining fame?
    A: Ben Thomas.
  27. Q: Why is one of Adele's middle names "Blue"?
    A: It was named after the type of music her father used to listen to.
  28. Q: What has Adele vowed to do if she ever sees her father again?
    A: Spit in his face.
  29. Q: Why was Adele's single "Chasing Pavements" not played on most US radio stations?
    A: An entry on Urban Dictionary stated that the term "chasing pavements" meant "chasing gay men", causing censorship in the US.
  30. Q: When was Adele's son born?
    A: October 19, 2012.