Hello everyone! :) Can you believe that exactly one week after the posting of this blog, it will be Christmas Eve? It's really scary how fast this year has flown by, and this month. Anyways, let's cut to the chase. This week, for the Christmas with Adele blog series, we are counting down Adele's 21 Best Songs... So Far! :) And yes, the number of songs we're counting down did have to do with the title of Adele's second album. You can vote up for which song you think should be #1. Will "Rolling in the Deep" really "Take It All", or will "Someone Like You" "Set Fire to the Rain" and change that? ;) Sorry, that was cheesy.... "I'll Be Waiting", and the results will be calculated by the end of next week, so get your votes in now! :) 'Cause "Rumour Has It" you're running out of time! :) Sorry... I'm done now.

You can vote for your favorite Adele song and check out the list here.

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