Yes, this is a day late, I know, so it should read "Happy Belated Birthday, Adele!", but it doesn't, so... oh well. ;) Anyways, yes, yesterday, May 5th, Adele officially turned 24. I know, very exciting. right? Anyways, in order to celebrate her birthday, we're counting down the top 24 best Adele songs, and we want to see what the top 3 fan favorite songs are. =) So, list your top 24 Adele songs below! Also, feel free to leave any other comments for Adele's birthday down below.

And in other news...

I read earlier this year that Adele's boyfriend, Simon Konecki, was planning on proposing to her around the time of her birthday. This has not been publicized yet and is not official, but if this was true, what would you think?