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Best Album

Best Song, 21

Best Single, 21

Best Non-Single, 21

Best Bonus Track, 21

Best Music Video, 21

Best Live Performance, 21

Best Single

Best Collaboration

Best Official Remix

  • "Set Fire o the Rain Remix" (feat. Gilbere Forte)
  • "Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)"
  • "Reminded" (Tyga song - samples "Someone Like You")
  • "I Won't Go" (feat. Shwayze - samples "He Won't Go")

Best Song, 19

Best Single, 19

Best Cover by Adele

Please choose any of the songs at this external link for the 'Best Cover by Adele' award.

Best Cover of "Rolling in the Deep"

Nominate any cover of the song and post a link to the video; the video with the most votes (or the videos approved by the administrators) will win. (If administrators must approve a video, then there will have to be a separate vote held for those songs)

Best Article of the Adele Wiki

Any article may be nominated, one will be chosen.

Best Adele Song

Any song by Adele from any of her albums (NO COVERS ARE ACCEPTED UNLESS INCLUDED ON AN EP OR ALBUM).

Administrator of the Year

Administrators may not vote for this award unless no other votes are submitted.

Highlight of the Year for the Wiki

  • Interview with Tim Van Der Kuil
  • Re-design from the Wikia Content Team
  • Finding out the Wiki was cited in a New York Times best-selling author's book
  • Christmas with Adele
  • Grammys Promotional Blogs/Polls/etc.

Details for Voting

Any user can vote for these awards. They are simply for fun in order to celebrate the one-year-anniversary of the Adele Wiki. Voting officially begins August 31st, 2012, and ends October 1st, 2012. When voting, PLEASE vote in as many categories as possible, and label which vote is for which category!!! Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to make this wiki so much better. =)

UPDATE: I messed up and said that voting ended September 31st, which is an invalid date, and therefore, I have extended the voting date to October 1st, which is one extra day. Voting ends soon, so get your votes in!