Hello everyone!! :) I calculated the results of the Adele Wiki Awards, and I have the results.... (The winners are in bold.)

Best Album

Best Song, 21

Best Single, 21

Best Non-Single, 21

Best Bonus Track, 21

Best Music Video, 21

Best Live Performance, 21

Best Single

Best Collaboration

Best Official Remix

  • "Set Fire to the Rain Remix" (feat. Gilbere Forte) (Tie)
  • "Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)" (Tie)
  • "Reminded" (Tyga song - samples "Someone Like You")
  • "I Won't Go" (feat. Shwayze - samples "He Won't Go")

Best Song, 19

Best Single, 19

Best Cover by Adele

Best Cover of "Rolling in the Deep"

Best Article of the Adele Wiki

Best Adele Song

Administrator of the Year

Comment: I would like to say that it is an honor to receive this title from you guys, but I feel that it should be equally share amongst my fellow administrators Roxyme and New Captain -- this wiki could never be as great without you guys and you make it a zillion times better. Thank you for all you do for me and the wiki's community. You may not think you've made a huge difference, but you have. You've helped me out a ton and you possess the true qualities of someone with a position of leadership and I commend you for your hard work. Keep it up.

Highlight of the Year for the Wiki

  • Interview with Tim Van Der Kuil
  • Re-design from the Wikia Content Team
  • Finding out the Wiki was cited in a New York Times best-selling author's book
  • Christmas with Adele
  • Grammys Promotional Blogs/Polls/etc.

Again, thanks for a great first year here at the Adele WikI!! :)