Hi everyone!! :) This is mainly a message to the administrators, but anyone else who wants to check out this post is free to as well. I will be going on vacation for a week (I'm leaving June 29th and will return the following Saturday) and am leaving the administrators (New Captain, Roxyme, and EffieLuna) in charge. If you have any questions please contact me and I will try to respond to you before I leave or when I come back. Any questions you have while I'm on vacation can be answered by one of the other administrators, or you can leave it on my talk page and wait until I come back. Anyways, thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing you when I get back. :) And by the way, I'm gonna go ahead and change the Featured Video and Song in advance so the other administrators don't have to worry about it and it's done. And one final thing... I am pleased to announce that we have finally gained access to an image of Adele's mother, Penny:

And finally, to all the US users, happy Independence Day!! :)