In February, Adele became the first James Bond theme singer to win an Oscar. While Bond themes have been nominated for Best Original Song before, none of them have received the award until Adele came along. "Skyfall", which has already become known as one of the best and most successful Bond themes of all-time, was a huge career boost for Adele, who, at the time of the song's release, had taken a hiatus due to her pregnancy. Adele kept quiet for a while during and after her pregnancy and dedicated months of her life to caring for her baby boy; she seemingly walked out of the spotlight. She made her triumphant return at the Golden Globe Awards, though, when she won the award for Best Original Song for "Skyfall", and later, the Oscars, which she also performed "Skyfall". Needless to say, the song brought her out of her shell. Now, she is said to be working on her third studio album, the follow-up to her recording-breaking 2011 LP 21. While she has not confirmed this, it is still highly rumored the album will be out by 2014. But even if this isn't the case, Adele could have new music out by 2015, when the next Bond theme hits theaters.

Today, it was confirmed that the director of the hugely successful twenty-third Bond film, Skyfall, would be returning to direct the film's sequel despite insisting on several occasions previously that he would not return to the franchise. Daniel Craig, aka James Bond himself, obviously is also returning, as we have known for a while. But a few months ago, it was reported that Craig had some requests for the new film, and Sam Mendes' inclusion in the project has satisfied one of his requests. The other request.... Adele performs the next Bond theme.

According to the Fan Forums on Adele's official website, some of her Daydreamers are not so thrilled by this idea, insisting she does what Shirley Bassey did and not do back-to-back themes, but come back and do a theme for the franchise a few years later. The reason? They don't want Adele to just become known as the singer of the James Bond themes, but rather, they want her to be known for her own music rather than Bond themes. One of the problems with her fans' hope, though, is that... well... Daniel Craig is currently only signed on for two more Bond films. That could change, though, and let's hope it does; he is one of the best people you will ever find to play James Bond.

Anyways, one can only hope that with this announcement another one will come soon of what their ideas are for the next Bond theme; while they obviously won't name names this soon, it is still a safe assumption that Adele is one of the names going through the producers' heads right now as they choose the next Bond theme singer, and we are hoping and praying that it will be Adele.