Rumour Has It that Adele will be making her official comeback this February at the 54th annual Grammy awards. A recent commercial for the Grammys shows Adele performing "Rolling in the Deep", a song which has earned her three of her six Grammy nominations. Adele has also recently confirmed she will be present at the Grammys in February, but the one remaining question is: Will she be performing? So, here's my question for you: What song should she perform if she is to make her comeback at the Grammys?

500px|right|The commercial which has helped stir rumors that Adele is returning to the stage in February at the Grammys.

Here is a list of the Grammys Adele is nominated for:

  • Best Pop Vocal Album (21)
  • Album of the Year (21)
  • Song of the Year ("Rolling in the Deep")
  • Record of the Year ("Rolling in the Deep")
  • Best Short Form Music Video ("Rolling in the Deep")
  • Best Pop Solo Performance ("Someone Like You")

Paul Epworth was also nominated for Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) for various songs, including his work on Adele's song "I'll Be Waiting", as was Ryan Tedder, whose featured works which receving him a nomination include the Adele song "Rumour Has It" and "I Was Here" by Beyoncé Knowles.