Yes, I'm sure we all have that question on our minds: Will Adele actually show up at the Grammy Awards? It is safe to assume she will. A recent Grammy promo ad has her listed as one of the artists expected to appear at the award show. While it did specify performers, which will include the likes of Rihanna and Taylor Swift, it listed other artists expected to appear in some form. One other artist shown in this section was Carrie Underwood; she is expected to perform, though, despite not being listed in the performers in the ad. This could imply that Adele will perform at the Grammys as well, although this is highly unlikely because she is currently suffering stage fright from rehearsing for what is described as her "comeback performance" by her official website at the Oscars in a few weeks. Sources claim she is going so far as to be hypnotized prior to the performance to avoid the nerves experienced at last year's Grammys right before singing "Rolling in the Deep" for the crowd.

Regardless of her performance status, she will still be in attendance; she is rumored to be presenting at the Awards and is also nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance, which she became the first recipient of last year with "Someone Like You". This year, a live performance of "Set Fire to the Rain" from Live at the Royal Albert Hall is nominated. The other nominees in this category are Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Katy Perry. Adele is expected to take home the award; others have stated Clarkson is more likely to take home the award. While Daydreamers are hoping... no, praying that Adele will win it, the competition between Adele and Clarkson for this award will be intense. We all know who deserves to win, though... Adele. Duh.

In other Grammy news, Mumford & Sons are one of two groups (the other being fun.) that are nominated for multiple awards Sunday night. Adele has expressed several times how much she adores Mumford & Sons, so it would also seem likely that she would come to support them. One of Adele's influences, the wonderful P!nk, is also expected to appear and win the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for The Truth About Love. I'm mainly watching the Awards for these two fine and lovely women, and possibly two of the biggest and most talented women in music. P!nk will have even tougher competition, going up against Maroon 5, fun., Florence + The Machine, and Kelly Clarkson. Hopefully, P!nk and Adele both can manage to win the awards they are nominated for and bring some joy to my face.

Seriously. The Grammys look so disappointing this year. They were amazing last year, thanks to Adele, but have you noticed how popular they were last year thanks to her, and how unpopular they are this year? I mean, no one is talking about them.... They're all talking up the Oscars, which, ironically, Adele is supposed to win and perform at. Funny how that works, eh? Anyways... We will keep you updated on whether or not Adele chooses to appear at the Grammys, and if she beats out Kelly Clarkson.

God, please.... Don't let Kelly Clarkson win....... She doesn't need this award! Adele and P!nk could use another win, though...... Even though they already have plenty, they are way better than Kelly.