I became a daydreamer little over a year ago and my life has never been the same, everything changed from the way i live my life down to the sort of music i listen to, all because of adele. I first heard of adele when she won her very first brit award in 2008, but i never really took notice (thats something i regret very much) The VERY first time i actually listened to adele was when she performed at the brits awards in 2011. I've never been so moved and taken back! Her voice, her grace and the way she connected with the lyrics was mindblowing. From that moment on i knew that she was something special and she would have an impact in my life. So i did what any human would, i started youtubing and googling her and i just fell in love with what i heard and read

I brought her first album 19 and till this day i'm still amazed at how grown up it is. I couldnt believe how a 19 year old girl can sound so soulful and beyond her years. Her songs in 19 moved me very much, they made me laugh and cry, her songs can change my whole mood all in one and i connect with a lot of her songs, like Melt my heart to stone, Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder. I didnt think anything else could move me and change me like 19 did, well.. thats until i brought her second album 21.

21 got me through a break up that i thought i would never get over. I listened to 21 everyday; and i still do.

Rolling In The Deep showed me that i was strong and that i dont need a man or the relationship to be happy

Romour Has It helped me to ignore rumours and keep moving on

Turning Tables helped me STAY strong, this song helped me face the broken relationship and it helped me to say 'No' to a lot of things

Dont You Remember helped me to reflect on the relationship, helped me rememeber the good things rather then the bad things

Set Fire To The Rain helped me let go, and move on, this song helped me to move on with my life and let me let go of all the hurt but yet keeping the good memories

He Wont Go showed me that love does exist and that it aint the end of the world

Take It All made me realise that i did my best in the relationship, but it also made my realise that it just wasnt gonna work and that it wanst meant to be

I'll Be Waiting made me happy with myself, it let me be 'Okay' with loving someone or still being in love with the person

One and Only helped me love again, it helped me show another person that i am worthy enough to be in a relationship. This song also helped me, love myself and let other people love me too

Lovesong i know this song aint hers but she made it her own which helped me relate to it, helped me show someone else how much i love them and my feelings towards them

And FINALLY; SOMEONE LIKE YOU. This song defined me!! and helped me to let go of the past, be happy with myself and to be happy for someone else, but this song also, BROKE me, DROPPED me then FIXED Me and PICKED me UP. It was like being at the bottom of the world, then being on top of the world, but also helping me and teaching me inbetween, going from the bottom to the top.

I dont know how i could never Thank Adele for just simply being herself, writinb these songs and changing my life forever. My life has changed for the better and i dont ever want to go back. I love Adele more than anything.

Im a DAYDREAMER and VERY PROUD and humble to be one.

Thank You Adele X