In 2011, Evanescence rose again, ending a four-year hiatus with a chart-topping new album, a pair of booming singles and a triumphant tour.So as the year draws to a close and MTV reveals our picks for the Best of 2011, we're reaching out to a host of acts who dominated and defined the past 12 months to get their take on the year in music. And, really, there are few that both dominated and defined quite like Evanescence did.

That's why we had to ask frontwoman Amy Lee who she'd name as the year's best artist. And her answer is sort of shocking, given that she fronts one of the loudest bands in rock. Then again, her pick did have, without question, one of the biggest years of any artist, in any genre.

"My artist of the year? Adele. I think this was, big time, her year, [and] I'm just so happy to see her succeed the way she has," Lee said. "I know she got a bunch of Grammy nominations ... and it's awesome. It's been cool to watch her succeed, because it's just someone who's truly talented, no gimmicks involved."

Lee didn't stop her praise for the British singer there. She also choseAdele's "Rolling in the Deep" as her song of the year (hey, so did we!), proving that, though she's spent most of 2011 resurrecting her band and reclaiming the rock throne, she also found time to listen to the radio.

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