Happy Birthday My Queen.

I know I late. Sorry. So I want say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELLY. I Love You !

I want say Thank You for you and you"re music. You're voice is beautifull ! I call you 'The Daydreamers Queen'.

You're friendly and kind. I can't found wourd about you. Adele 24 years old I can not wait for this day.

An angel, cute girl with a fantastic voice, Adele sings an incredible empathy that no one else noticed.

Adele is the best!; Đ Very talented She sings like no struggles, it is very rare. She's ultra-sympathetic. I happy to be talking to her. In a concert Sha sings very clean. She has an unique voice. She's Exe is a big big *****. (sorry) She's always laughs. So A.L.B.A. I can not wait for you"re next album. Pleas...

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Adele's Birthday

Adele's Birthday

HaPpy Birthday