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“When We Were Young”
Music video by Adele
Released November 17, 2015
Length 5:44
Director(s) Paul Dugdale
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Hello Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

“When We Were Young” is a music video for Adele’s song of the same name, taken from her third studio album, 25. The video features a live performance filmed at the Church Studios in London, where Adele recorded much of the album. Released three days before the album, the video marked the premiere of the song after a clip from it aired in a 60 Minutes Australia advertisement. Though Adele initially planned to shoot a new music video for the song, she was ultimately unsatisfied with the end result and opted to release the Church Studios performance as the song’s official video.

Background and release[]

Prior to the release of 25, Adele performed songs from the album at the Church Studios in London, where much of the album was recorded. The set included “Rolling in the Deep,” “Water Under the Bridge,” “Million Years Ago,” “Hello,” and “When We Were Young.”[1] All of the songs were recorded, although “Hello” and “When We Were Young” were the only two whose videos were released.

A snippet of the “When We Were Young” performance was included in a preview of Adele’s appearance on 60 Minutes Australia on November 16.[2] The following day, the performance was uploaded to Adele’s Vevo account in full.[3] Initially, it was not intended to be the official video of the song; however, on February 5, the video was released to iTunes to coincide with the single release.[4]

During Adele’s show in Stockholm, Sweden, where she confirmed that she had shot a video for "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," she explained why she did not release an alternative video for “When We Were Young.”

I did want to do one for ‘When We Were Young’—and we had an idea for it, but we couldn’t get it right, and I was like, ‘I can’t do any old video for “When We Were Young.”’ Because that’s like, my favorite song I’ve ever written.[5]

The video was directed by Paul Dugdale, who previously worked with Adele on her video for “Hometown Glory” and her Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert film.